Special Feature

  • TSA Approved
  • Security Dimple TSA006 Key
  • Zinc Alloy Body + Flexible Cable
  • TSA Relock Guarantee

Lock Type

  • Key Lock

Item Dimensions

(L x W x H)

  • 1.33 x 0.67 x 3.5 inches

Product Material

  • Zinc Alloy Body

Easy to Use

1. Hold the lock with the forge
logo side facing you.
2. Move the dials to 000 on the side of the lock, and push the button on the side to open the lock.
3. On the back side of the lock
(without the Forge logo), there is a switch directly beneath the dials. Flip this switch to the right using a pen in order to enable changing the combination.

4. Move the dials to your new

5. Use the pen to flip the switch
back to the left.
6. Your combination has change to 123 successfully.


Frequently Asked Questions