Forge Luggage Locks: Crafting Security and Peace of Mind Since 2015.

Established in scenic Wyoming in 2015, Forge Luggage Locks quickly earned a reputation for its top-notch TSA locks. The founders, after repeatedly losing valuable items during travel with a lively 2-year-old boy and another baby on the way, felt compelled to tackle the limited choices and poor quality prevalent in the market.

This served as the catalyst for Forge's creation, a brand dedicated to resolving the challenges faced by travelers. Leveraging their family's expertise in the TSA luggage lock industry, Forge not only overcame obstacles but soared to become the TOP TSA luggage locks brand.

With a commitment to addressing the needs of travelers, Forge offers a selection of tsa locks tailored for various functions and sizes. The result is a blend of security, convenience, and peace of mind for every journey undertaken by those who choose Forge tsa locks.

Forge models featured in the video.


Embark on your travels with Forge, where every lock tells a story of overcoming challenges, ensuring your belongings stay secure on the path to your next adventure